Click Here to Support Gyzmo's Knee Surgery

We rescued Gyzmo (a Chihuahua / Poodle / Terrier mix) and his sister Lady when they were puppies. Lady was rescued second and has always had Gyzmo by her side to love and support her. He’s the best older brother in the world, but he recently became lame and stopped using one of his back legs.

Gyzmo started showing signs of lameness and pain last Saturday night. We rushed him to the emergency vet and found out that he needed to have surgery to correct a patella luxation (floating kneecap) and damaged ligaments in one of his back legs. The condition is common in small dogs, but varies in severity. His other leg will likely need surgery in the future, but he’s not currently experiencing pain or showing signs that the condition is progressing.

Lady is very upset : ( ! Her once playful companion has had to undergo nearly $6000 in medical procedures in the last week, including a very painful operation to rebuild his knee. She’s looking to raise $1500 to help cover medical expenses and ensure that Gyzmo is comfortable during recovery.

Any extra money will be donated to Puppy Pleasers Rescue, who rescued both of our puppies and helped them find a loving home.

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